Our World Cup Team Riders‘ sail of choice.

Combat Pro is the epitome of wave sail development. Power when you need it, neutral on the wave and built to withstand everything Mother Nature can throw at you. Trusted by our team from Peahi to Pozo, Combat feels light in your hands yet provides power when you need it and will always perform, no matter the conditions.

Pro HD construction combines the Pro features of the Combat Pro with an X-Ply centre window for an even more bullet-proof sail. This results in a lighter sail and a slightly softer feeling than the Pro construction.

HD construction is our most affordable construction. Featuring regular X-Ply and Radial HD 2.0 in key load areas of the sail which emulates the dynamic load distribution of Powerfuse but with a simpler, stitched construction in order to reduce construction cost.


Powerfuse clew and tack are our “signature” fully laminated radial overlapping internal panels used in PRO and PRO-HD constructions.

The 2023 version is redesigned to be lighter in weight compared to previous Powerfuse generations.

The unique feature of Powerfuse construction (also shared with Radial HD panels) is how the internal panels are cut and placed in a radial overlapping pattern creating a very strong, multiple layer laminate at high load points (tack and clew) and then gradually reducing the number of overlapping layers to distribute the loads progressively into the main sail body.





NP Segel




C2 orange / blue, C1 blue / purple


2,9, 3,3, 3,7, 4,0, 4,2, 4,5, 4,7, 5,0, 5,3, 5,6

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