ultra solid & featherlight, bursting colours, PRO edition

Experience the pinnacle of performance with our ROCK’N’ROLL PRO. Designed for riders who demand the absolute best, our leading-edge construction and technology, combined with the beloved shape of the ROCK’N’ROLL, create an unparalleled masterpiece.

Crafted with top-tier carbon fibre and PVC, a lightweight EPS core and ingeniously placed reinforcements ensure the ROCK’N’ROLL PRO is featherlight and built tough. The board offers unbeatable responsiveness, stability and control, elevating your performance to extraordinary levels. It provides unrivalled manoeuvrability, allowing you to conquer every trick. The foil tracks are the strongest available – no jump is too high or too crazy. Thanks to the new metric footstraps mounting system, adjusting footstraps are quick, hassle-free, and made to last. With our vivid and extensive colour range, you’ll not only ride like a pro but also look the part, standing out as a true trendsetter on the water.

Get ready to ride the best, be the best, and leave a lasting impression.

ROCK’N’ROLL PRO 37, 47, 57, 77, 97

Sexy, strong & featherlight

For experts and riders who want the very best in waves, freestyling or freeriding. The ROCK’N’ROLL PRO is the ultimate combination of form and function. Boasting top-tier construction, it delivers exceptional durability without compromising on weight. Featherlight and immensely strong. Bursting with a kaleidoscope of colours, the ROCK’N’ROLL PRO comes alive beneath your feet.

Shine brightly and own the sea with unmatched flair and power!

“I fell in love at first sight. The attractive new PRO board impresses with its fresh colours. Matching the TOP SPIN wing, each size comes in an unique colour combo to brighten up our sessions. With only a quick glimpse out to the water I know the size of my ENSIS friends’ equipment. So I can quickly join the wing party with my good looking board and get creative with it.”
Balz Müller

“Light as a feather, I love to play with the PRO board, and thanks to the super stable carbon construction, I don’t have to use it with velvet gloves either. The board is much more than just a piece of foam, it’s my partner in crime. I share the passion, jump high but also carve low, creating indescribable moments together.”
Balz Müller

Tech Features

Full carbon PVC sandwich construction

The board is made of the highest quality carbon and PVC, and a low density EPS core. These materials result in an amazingly light board. The ingeniously engineered layers of carbon, wood and glass and the full carbon wrapping of deck and bottom make the board ultra strong.

High quality, highly reinforced foil tracks

The board is built with the strongest foil tracks available. This, in combination with the many carbon layers in the foil box area, makes the board so strong that no jump is too high or too crazy.


37 Yellow/Blue, 47 Blue/Purple, 57 Purple/MInt, 77 Mint/Yellow, 97 Blue/Orange



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